About Haggin Hospital

hospitalNamed for James Ben Ali Haggin, a Kentucky-born millionaire who owned at one time 400,000 acres of California land, 10,000 acres of Bluegrass pasture, and some of the richest mines and fastest horses in the world, our Hospital is a visible marker of Haggin’s legacy. The James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital was established in 1913 with a simple mission: provide medical services that would meet the needs of the citizens of Mercer County.

In our 94-year history, our mission has not changed; Haggin has maintained our commitment to our patients whom we consider our family. Moreover, Haggin has been a committed part of Mercer County and Harrodsburg. At a time when many communities are losing their hospitals due to rising health care costs, mismanagement, or corporate buyout, The James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital has maintained a steadfast course to provide quality and caring healthcare services to the citizens of our area.

Though our mission and commitment level has not changed, our Mercer County has changed dramatically. Our county population has increased significantly and is now home to major industrial plants and tourist attractions, enabling our county to compete successfully with many other communities.

Today, our 50,000 square foot Hospital serves over 25,000 patients annually. The Hospital has 21 acute care\swing\observation beds, 34 long-term care beds, and 4 critical care beds. The James B. Haggin Memorial Hospital, the 7th largest employer, is an integral part of Mercer County. Our Hospital is responsible for the creation of 515 community jobs, household earnings of almost $10 million dollars, and approximately $23 million dollars in economic activity.

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